Zipling in North Georgia

North Georgia Zipline Tour

North Georgia Zipline Tour

Think about it. Zip lining over acres of fine North Georgia land, you may even catch a glimpse of flying squirrels. The North Georgia Canopy Tours site sits on 100 acres of land near North Oconee River in Lula, Georgia. Their ziplines reach over 70 feet off the ground and extend as far as 850 feet.

The guides teach you safety and braking techniques before anything starts. The Adventure tour adds a rappelling section and ziplines that traverse three ponds and two sections of the North Oconee River at higher speeds. You’ll build up confidence before heading into more steep speeds.

Depending on what you book and the size of your group allow 2-3 hours for time. You can even rent a Go-Pro camera to share with your friends.

Native-American Teepee Lodging

North Georgia Teepee Lodging

North Georgia Teepee Lodging

After a day of adventure you can spend the night in authentic Native-American teepees that are “equipped with amenities such as electricity and air conditioning. The walls of each teepee bear custom-painted Cherokee symbols representative of the seven Cherokee Clans, for which North Georgia Canopy Tours’ seven campgrounds are named.”

The TeePees range in sizes from 18 feet tall to 26 feet and “room” from 2  as many as 10 in it’s largest version – the Hickory Teepee. Linens are provided for the two small sizes, but not the largest size (bring your own, better yet sleeping bags.) You can order breakfast at check-in.

According toe Explore Georgia, “North Georgia Canopy Tours™ chose to name its camping areas after the seven clans of the Cherokee Indians. The seven Cherokee clans are Wolf Clan, Panther Clan, Wind Clan, Bear Clan, Buffalo Clan, Red (War) Paint Clan and Bird Clan. Each teepee has been painted with authentic Cherokee symbols, themes and patterns relating to the clan camping area in which they are located.”

North Georgia Canopy Tours | 5290 Harris Road, Lula, Georgia 30554 / Phone: 770 869 7272

North Georgia Canopy Tours Brochure [PDF]

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