Beyond Pompeii: Off-the-Beaten-Path Family-friendly Attractions in Naples and the Amalfi Coast

For those families lucky enough to linger just a little bit longer on holiday in the Naples and Amalfi Coast region, so many enchanting sites and excursions await beyond the requisite visit to Pompeii or Herculaneum (which, of course, are absolutely worthwhile!). We’ve selected some of our favorite historical and educational sites in the area that offer unique glimpses into the cosmopolitan and vibrant ancient past of the Campania, a region known to the Romans as Campania felix—the fortunate countryside—for its natural abundance.

The Campania ArteCard

The Campania ArteCard, available for purchase at local tourist offices, bus & train stations, newsstands, and museum ticket booths, offers families an unlimited pass for local transportation as well as nice discounts on admittance to most historical sites, museums, and local attractions. The card also includes discounts to certain events. There are a variety of cards available, with many choices designed to be most advantageous for select regional or thematic itineraries. Visit the Campania ArteCard website and use their interactive itinerary planner to determine which card is best for your family!

Baia Sommersa

The underwater archeological wonders preserved as part of the Parco Archaeologico di Baia, to the west of Naples in the Phlegrean Fields area, are the remnants of what was a chic Roman resort dating back to the 2d century BC, when members of the Roman elite built opulent villas here as seaside getaways on an area of coastline that began to submerge due to a volcanic caldera as early as the 4th century A.D. Underwater villas, the ancient port, roadways, and also naturalistic attractions can be viewed from boats with special underwater viewing galleries, as well as guided scuba expeditions.

Consider visiting Baia in the morning, then head to Pozzuoli for a nice seafood lunch in the picturesque marina.

Parco Archeologico di Baia
Porticciolo di Baia
Tel. 081 524 8169
Open Tuesday-Sunday 9:30-1:30 & 3:30-7:30
Boat tickets 10 euro adults/9 euro children/free for ages 3 and under

Astroni Nature Reserve

Another wonder of the Phlegrean Fields for budding young naturalists is the Astroni Nature Reserve, a large volcanic crater between Pozzuoli and Naples that is home to World Wildlife Fund protected birds and local animals. Families can pack a picnic and explore the park along marked pathways. Don’t forget the binoculars!

Astroni Nature Reserve
Via Agnano agli Astroni
80125 Naples
Tel. 081 588 3720
Open daily from 10:00-4:30

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