Big family vacations, large family reunions and multi-family trips can be challenging for some and great fun for others. Traveling with kids brings an opportunity for growth and learning. Regardless of whether your first step of the trip is to the airport, a train, an RV or the family car you will inevitably want to have all your plans made ahead of time. Including what can be useful on your trip for fun, convenience or necessity.

The following are some examples of mobile apps that are available for most smart phones – complied for US travel in mind.

Rest Area Finder

GPS has made it easy to guide your family to the nearest rest stop which may also have those other amenities that always seems to be in need, including pet walking, food, gas, vending machines and of course restrooms…


This application is a local portal that will connects you with information that will help you find the people, places and things around you everywhere you go, while also saving you time and money. Local information includes weather, news, restaurant reviews, a store locator for top brands of your choice, cheap gas, traffic updates, movie show times and trailers.

Pack and Go Deluxe

My wife loves making the “LIST” before we leave on vacation. It takes a lot of organization and someone has to do it. This app will help those that have to pack more stuff that most people. Large families can be packed up with hundreds of items that can manage from a master list – leave nothing behind or to chance.

Kids Meal Deals

KidsMealDeals provides instant access to thousands of restaurants offering “kids meal deals” and “kids eat free” promotions.

Free Hangman

“Of the three games we reviewed, both my seven-year-old daughter and I enjoyed Hangman 1.7 the most. MobilityWare’s version stands out because it enables you to select from four nifty graphical themes and separately select from 16 word lists.” –

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