Yes we all love vampires! In Anne Rice books, on HBO’s True Blood and on the big screens’ Twilight. Generations have been enamored with the vampire. There are tours all over the world that that continue to promote that “up-close Dracula experience.”

Forbes lists 10 Vampire Vacations that include:

  1. Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania
  2. Tommyknockers and More Bus Tours in Stephen King’s backyard of Bangor Maine
  3. Haunted History Tours of New Orleans, LA
  4. San Franicsco’s Vampire Tours
  5. Suspected Vampire grave of Mercy Lena Brown in Exeter, R.I.
  6. The Cullen family of vampires in Forks, Washington
  7. Twilight Fan Cruise from Seattle to Alaska
  8. True Blood Convention in Orlando, Fla
  9. Nightmare: Vampires in New York City (from Sept 25 to Nov 7th)
  10. Cachtice Castle in Cachtice, Slovakia (the “Blood Countess”)

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