Nickelodeon Suites by Holiday Inn: My kids love Spongebob – the older one (14) likes the “older classic” Spongebob. Do you believe it? I crack up everytime I hear my 5 year old do the Spongebob laugh. Of course, my favorite is Mr Crabs.

The property has two-bedroom Kidsuites with a king-size bed in one room, two twin beds (bunk beds or side by side) in a small second room, and a pull out sofa in the “family room” – there are even three bedroom suites.

The Nick Hotel property is such a great fun place. Interactive entertainment is the name of the game at Nickelodeon Family Suites.

This is not just a hotel – it’s a theme park. Journey alongside SpongeBob SquarePants at their brand new 4-D Experience theater and dive headfirst into a world of wind, water, bubbles and scents and SLIME! SLIME! Jack (5) wants to know when he can get SLIMED!

You’ll also find two massive pool complexes – with multiple slides, climbing nets, and water jets – waiting to kick off the good times! This 24 acre resort is only a mile from Disney World Resorts in Orlando and close to Universal Orlando and Sea World.

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