is designed for the affluent, discerning traveler and those apparently that want to know “Where the Monsters Are”.

People travel the world to find legendary monsters. Every continent boasts their own “unknown animals” or cryptid as Forbes Traveler notes.

There list includes the most famous U.S. monster – Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. There are many more such creatures like: Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, West Virginia’s Mothman, Illinois’ Thunderbird, Lake Champlain’s Chessie and New Jersey’s Jersey Devil.

The festivals like The Mothman Festival (September 19-20, 2009) in Downtown Point Pleasant, West Virginia  and the haunted trails and tours may not be for all kids, but is definitely a draw for many.

Other monsters around the world include: Africa’s Dingonek, the Bambo and the Adjule; Java’s flying Ahool; and England’s the phantom wildcat, the Beast of Bodmin moor and the Black Shuck.

Forbes Traveler also mentions the recently opened International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Fact or fiction. Monsters have always been the leur of travelers, campers, site seers and those obsessed with seeking out the unknown. Forbes mentions many good resorts and hotels that would be a good launching point for any monster adventure. For those seeking out good rental choices in timeshares around the world visit REDWEEK.

Other known monsters roaming the world:
Ayia Napa Sea Monster, Cyprus
Chupacabra, San Antonio, Texas
Ayia Napa Sea Monster, Cyprus
Yeti, Himalayan Region of Nepal and Tibet
Montauk Monster, Montauk, N.Y. [rentals in montauk, long island]
Ghost Cats, Spalding Inn, Whitefield, N.H.
The Mothman, Charleston & Point Pleasant, W.Va.  the mothman festival

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